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Signature Dishes
Flying Fish Platter -
Two pan-fried Flying Fish fillets served with Bajan Macaroni Pie and spicy mixed vegetables.
12.95Special of the day on Friday
Cajun Chicken Fingers -
Hand-cut and breaded strips of chicken breast, cooked to a crispy golden brown. With fresh cut fries and a scotch bonet aioli.
10.95Special of the day on Saturday
Flying Fish Cutter -
Pan-fried Flying Fish fillet on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, house sauce and fresh cut fries.
8.95Special of the day on Friday and Saturday
Bajan Fish & Chips -
Two pan-fried Flying Fish fillets served with Sweet Potato fries and chipotle mayo.
12.95Special of the day on Friday and Saturday
Fish Cakes -
Traditional Bajan cod fritters served with a Scotch Bonet aioli.
Cajun Chicken Caesar -
Crisp romaine, parmesan, home-made croutons and a creamy garlic house dressing, topped with a juicy Cajun-BBQ'd chicken off the grill.
Bajan Grill -
Grilled Tilapia with a pineapple salsa and curried vegetarian fried rice.
Bajan Club -
Spicy crab leg meat with baby greens and tomatoes, sandwiched between layers of chicken, bacon and white cheddar, grilled in a roti shell.
Award Winning Bajan Chicken Wings -
One pound of large wings, rubbed with a blend of herbs and seasonings, deep-fried to a crisp golden brown and served with fresh cut fries or veggie stix & blue cheese.
Island Ribs -
Two pound rack of our succulent baby back ribs, with fresh cut fries.
Cajun Bajan Chicken -
A tender chicken leg baked in a unique union Cajun and Bajan seasonings. Served with herbed potatoes and spicy mixed vegetables.
Creole Pasta -
Chicken, shrimp, sweet peppers and spicy sausage tossed with al dente penne in a devilishly rich tomato-cream sauce.
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From Cajun Chicken Caesar

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